Four generations of
growing fantastic fruit

Ruby Rise Red Papaya is produced by the MacKay family who’ve been farming tropical fruits in Far North Queensland since 1945. Over four generations the family have grown an expertise in using environmentally conscious farming techniques, that unlock the full flavour and natural health benefits of their produce. 



A natural beginning

It almost goes without saying that Stanley MacKay was a man with a dream and didn’t mind a bit of hard work to get there.

Arriving in the Far North Queensland town of Tully in 1945, Stanley started work as a sugarcane labourer. Eventually saving up for a farm of his own, Stanley found an overgrown acre block where he saw potential for a new tropical crop; bananas.

Over the next 70 years bananas became the main family business for Stanley and his children, their properties then grew to include cattle and sugarcane farms. In 2008 the MacKay’s fell in love with a fruit they thought was particularly special; the delicious red papaya…



Stanley John MacKay with world record banana bunch weighing 198 pounds, 1968

Stanley John MacKay with world record banana bunch weighing 198 pounds, 1968



A slice of paradise

When it comes to perfect red papaya growing conditions, the formula is pretty straightforward: months of tropical sunshine, weeks of rain, and plenty of protection from strong winds.
Lucky enough our farms in the Tully Valley just happen to have all of that in abundance. Combining some of Australia’s highest rainfall, year round hot and humid conditions and a spectacular location in between the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and the Tully Gorge Rainforest. We reckon we have a great part of the world to live and grow amazing red papayas.





Growing a healthy community

From Stanley MacKay’s original one acre of bananas, the MacKay family have grown and so has their involvement with growing tropical fruits. These days the family employs around 600 people from the local community and harvests Ruby Rise Red Papaya on 100 acres in the Tully Valley. Giving back to the community that’s helped so much, the family also provides scholarships and sponsors local sports teams and events. We think a healthy community is just as important as healthy produce!



Growing a greener future

We’re proud that our company and produce is 100% Australian owned and grown. Our constant goal is to provide healthy, safe and delicious produce that has been consciously grown to substantially protect the environment and the land for future generations.

Ruby Rise Red Papaya is grown on former sugar cane fields and benefit from crop management strategies developed over years of environmentally conscious farming. This includes maximising soil health and using integrated pest management controls.