Meet the amazing
Ruby Rise Red Papaya

Lush, delicious and bursting with nutritional goodness, we’re proud to bring you the 100% Australian, Ruby Rise Red Papaya. Grown in the perfect conditions of Far North Queensland, and nurtured by rich soils, tropical sunshine and sparkling rivers (not to mention a fair bit of tender loving care). Ruby Rise Red Papaya is an amazingly healthy way to bring colour and tropical flavour to your breakfast table and everyday recipes. 


Bursting with delicious positivity

We know it’s a big claim that a fruit could change your life but we’d say Ruby Rise Red Papaya comes pretty close. With a rich red colour and creamy tropical flavour, our papayas are packed with nutrients and bring a fantastic flavour to breakfasts, quick smoothies or as a healthy kid friendly snack for the family.


Homegrown heroes

The tropical climate of Far North Queensland is the perfect place for growing quality papayas all year round. Nestled in the Tully Valley, and surrounded by rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, Ruby Rise Red Papaya is grown by the MacKay family who have been farming and growing tropical fruits since 1945.


Loaded with supergoodness

Full to the brim with antioxidants, Ruby Rise Red Papaya plays an excellent role in bringing balanced and healthy benefits to your body. Along with super high levels of vitamin C, papayas are filled with vitamins A and B, as well as essential minerals like potassium and magnesium. In fact, red papayas have one of the highest amounts of nutrients of any fruit.


The superfruit that’s superflexible

Whether it’s blended into a smoothie, chopped into a fruit salad, or zinged up with some spices, papaya is a super versatile way to bring some healthy deliciousness into your recipes. Papaya’s tropical background and great flavour means it’s widely used in South East Asian, Indian, Mexican and Caribbean cooking — as well as a pretty fantastic breakfast food.